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Rephy Corporate Training Center


    While studying Psychology Prof. Naresh Muley realised that there are skill gaps in many people. He observed, though people desire strongly to achieve many things in education and life, still due to lack of skills they cannot achieve it. To fulfill this gap Prof. Muley established Rephy.
    Rephy is acronym of REsearch and study institute of psychology, science and philosoPHY established in year 1998. Initially work started at Pune & then at Jalna. Now the head office is in Aurangabad. Being research institute Rephy studies and does research in Personality Development & Human Psychology, to conceive highly effective and result oriented training programs.
    Rephy has several segments working in different areas. Rephy Spoken English classes run Spoken English & English Language Enhancement training programs. Rephy's Personality Development deals with training related to personality development & Rephy Counselling Center train students to develop their Concentration, Study Stamina, Memory power, Grasping Power,Sincerity and trained them to Manage Stress through counselling & training. These all segments work under Rephy Corporate Training Center. Rephy has trained thousands of people to speak English fluently, transformed personality of many people and improved academic skills of thousands of students.

Rephy Corporate Training Center

Rephy Corporate Training Center is a division of Rephy for executing training programs developed by our research institute.

Rephy Spoken English classes

Rephy Spoken English classes is a department under our Rephy Corporate Training centre, to run English language skill related training programs.

Rephy Counselling & Training centre

Rephy Counselling & Training centre is a department under our Rephy Corporate Training Center to facilate training and counselling for students and professionals.