You Need only only 7 hours Not 7 Years for learning English.


Dear English learners,

#Are you facing following problems in speaking English...

You can understand English but can’t speak fluently, why?

Do you want to know the reason behind this?

After studying many Spoken English Books and Courses still 

(i) You Can't speak English fluently,

(ii) You Are afraid of English grammar,

(iii) You Are making sentences in mind before speaking anything in English,

(iv)You Can't recall the right word at the right time.

In short you have no command of English language.


#Then I have fantastic news for you…

You can learn English in a very short time!

After doing a mountain of research to understand why people fail to master English, I realised that they have learnt English with wrong learning method i.e. translation method. That’s why they don’t have fluency in English. With the help of our research  we have found solutions to this problem.

#Solution for your problems

To solve Fluency related problems I have developed a unique method i.e. Natural method, which has produced amazing results for many people. I invite you to my webinar, where I will tell you how one can master English in 2 months. I will tell you about the right learning method.


#In the webinar I will explain you,

What is Wrong method & what is Right method of learning English?

How to Use Right method of learning English?

How to overcome fear of speaking English?

I will be revealing working case studies of our students who have learnt to speak English perfectly and confidently.


#Here’s why I am telling you all this:-

If you are like me - if you demand fast, not slow results with learning English - I know I can help.


#Here’s how to reserve your spot:-

  1. Click on the following link
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If you are serious about learning English, then this is the Online Webinar you should not miss.

Your English mastery coach,

Naresh Muley,

Psychologist and Trainer,

Rephy Spoken English.


Yes of course, anyone in the world can learn any language with right learning method. Though you belong to any language background or medium still you can adopt natural English learning method & learn English speaking fluently. With the help of these natural method we got success to train so many people. We could train people who were having problems in basic English like they were unable to read, write or understand even basic words and sentences of English. Also we could successfully transform people into fluent and spontaneous English speakers who had tried so many times but couldn’t get success.

Yes, we have seen many English medium students are not fluent English speakers. We have trained them with and given them special practice. After practicing they became confident.

Only learning grammar & practice is not sufficient to speak English fluently. It requires personality factors like confidence, specific mindset and few more factors. In our Institute we are working on these factors. So, after going through our training you will be able to speak English fluently and confidently.

To learn speaking in English fluently you need to learn it with right method as native speakers learn. The way we learn our mother tongue is the only right way to learn any language, which is called as natural method. But while learning English we don’t learn it with natural methods we try to learn grammar rules and structure hence we can’t become fluent in English and can’t speak spontaneously in English. We always think in mother tongue and translate it in English. Mostly people try to learn English with unnatural methods or wrong English method.

Our Courses

What our Students say?

Before joining Rephy I did not have any confidence about my English and also didn’t have stage courage. Here they taught us very well & conducted our group discussion, conversations and debate practices very well. I learnt so many things which will help me for my whole life. Muley sir also guided us to build our positive attitude about English speaking. This class is best class. Thank you Rephy.

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Apoorva Chitgopekar


I have attended Spoken English course in Rephy Corporate Training Center & it’s an amazing course. Here teaching style is different & sir has taught us conceptually. It’s a unique experience. Before class my English was very poor. But now my English has improved a lot. My confidence has built up. Today I am speaking without thinking and without making sentences in my mind. A big thanks to all the trainers and ultimately Rephy.

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Niraj Jalnawala


This new technique of learning English is very easy and impressive. Before Rephy I had attended 1 course 2 times in other class but had no effect, so I was little doubtful about the result initially but now I am extremely happy with the result I have got. The new natural method have developed my English so fast and made me truly confident. Online course also helped me to stay connected even though I was not in Aurangabad.

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Vishal Biradar