About Prof. Naresh Muley

He has started his journey as a researcher in human mind power and brain power development, hence founding Research Institute in 1998 named as Research and Study Institute of Psychology, Science & Philosophy abbreviated as "Rephy".

Being a student of psychology and believing in humanity, he naturally had a dream to do something for the growth and benefit of the mankind. His focus was more towards the growth of individuals inside. He believes that it is peace, strength and stability inside that makes a person successful outside.

Being a psychologist and the researcher he realised many facts and secrets about human mind power and brain power. After realising many unrevealed and uncovered facts he developed a process that would make remarkable changes in individuals in their habits as well as exceeding limits of their potential and capacities.

He has developed a certain process by which an individual can attain and utilise their inner strength to their maximum. Due to the study & research he had done in psychology, he developed many techniques and very influential trainings for the mankind which change the inner and outer world of the individual and make them attain maximum success in their daily life in every field or every part of their life, like in their social, economic, personal, professional life, etc.

He has transformed lives of many individuals by his knowledge and expertise. By using techniques and training given by Professor Naresh Muley many of his students have now achieved huge success in their lives.

Founder of

Rephy Research Institute

(Research & Study Institute of Psychology Science and Philosophy)

Counsellor and Trainer at

Rephy Corporate Traning and Counselling Center

CEO of

Rephy Softech

(Innovative IT Solutions)

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Behavioural Transformation
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Memory Development
Spoken English
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