How much time will it take to learn speaking English?


This is the most frequently asked question. You cannot give a straight answer to this question, because this does not depend on one thing. This actually depends upon multiple factors and these factors are: 1. Atmosphere around you 2. Your previous knowledge 3. Thoughts 4. Efforts 5. Methodology 1. Atmosphere around you: If everybody is speaking English around you, then definitely you can learn English very quickly. But, if around you people are not speaking English then you need more time to learn and at the same time you need formal training in order to learn speaking English. 2. Previous knowledge: Generally we think that if your previous knowledge is more you take less time and if your knowledge is less you will take more time. But in reality difference between these two is not that big because while learning you can cover this gap very easily. 3. Thoughts: First we should understand, learning English is a process. In any process to get result the rule is, you have to complete the process to get results. For example, while we are cooking rice we should spend enough time and provide enough temperature then only we will get completely cooked rice. Otherwise we will get half cooked rice. In the same manner for learning English we have to complete the process of learning English. If we left process half done we cannot learn speaking English. Many people around us are doing the same mistake. They are not completing the process, so they are unable to learn English completely. By observing this kind of people one can think learning English is not possible and due to such thoughts people don't try to learn English at all. If we try but do not finish the process then we become negative about learning speaking English. But one should understand thoroughly that learning speaking English is not that difficult. In our course we have observed many people who were unable to read very simple and small words became very fluent English speaker. Few of them became teacher in English medium school. 4. Efforts: Of course amount of our efforts is very important. If you want to cover 1000 km and if you are walking 100 KM a day you can cover the distance in 10 days. But, if you are walking 100 meters a day you need 10000 days to complete. So, your efforts are important.In our courses we have observed, on an average 2 months are required to learn speaking fluently and in Fast Track batch we have observed one can get trained in 6 to 7 days. Of course in Fast Track batch you have to spend more time. 5. Learning methodology: In this we are having 2 standard methodologies. One is self study and another is learning from expert. In self study you can see many people referring lot of books; they are trying for many years, but cannot learn speaking English properly. Might be they are unable to complete the process or their efforts are not in right direction. So putting our efforts in right direction is very important. We should follow a successful path, which is very important indeed to learn speaking English quickly. Even while learning from spoken English classes if the strategy of that class is not hundred percent successful, again it will delay our learning process or maybe it is not possible to learn speaking English at all. So there also we should check the success of that spoken English classes’ methodology by visiting and observing all the students of that class or by any other means. But we should check and then follow if they are able to give result in definite time and that is sure then and only then we should follow because I already told you because we have observed anyone from lower IQ to higher IQ or any person can learn speaking English. So, it is clear that the time required learning speaking English depends upon how much time we spend, learning methodology and appropriate efforts.