Why is communication skill important?


Why are companies investing billions of dollars on communication skills training? Even government is also conducting these kind of training programs for their employees. Why is everybody so serious about communication skill? If we think a little bit, we can understand communication skill must be very important skill and it must have that impact on functions of the organisation. Functions of that organisation must have been affected badly due to lack of communication skill in employees.

Why has communication skill become so important? There are two reasons (1) due to modern technology all basic technical world in any field is now done by computers so human resource is now responsible more for human management, (2) complexity of work is increasing which involves more people. Hence, in both cases we can see now our job is to communicate with people. Without communicating with people, we cannot complete our job. Nowadays, one man has to do lot many works and has to communicate with many people. So, naturally we need communication skill more than any other skill or thing.

Why should you go for communication skill training? It is already clear that communication skill is the most important skill. In today's world companies are gaining profit due to good communication skill or facing losses due to lack of communication skill. Thats why they are investing for communication skill training and actually good output at work in business depends upon communication skill. That is the reason why in all companies group discussion is a main part of any interview. It is to check a persons communication skills.  And to develop good and effective communication skill you need to go through proper training.